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Getting a little sick of playing City of Heroes? Even the most dedicated players can get a little bored after a while. It would be nice to be able to modify certain parts of the game to make it more interesting and with City of Heroes mods you can do just that. Whether you want to change the entire landscape or just find an easier way to do something, CoH mods can be incredibly useful tools.

There are many different kinds of City of Heroes mods. Some of the most popular include ways to modify the Regeneration Powerset. This particular mod will help you remove thing such as the firey fists from Hasten or the glow from a concealed jumper. These CoH mods are vital ways to help make really difficult levels easier to complete and in a lot less time.

One of the downsides of playing role playing games online is the amount of time that you have to spend to make progress. It can take hours just to complete a portion of a task. Over time, you can get bogged down just trying to make it through one level and it can be disheartening to repeat the process all over again once you do get there. City of Heroes mods make it a lot easier to move quickly, change the outcome of the game and even change how the game is played. If you don’t have a lot of time to waste, CoH mods are a great way to build a stronger character, remove obstacles and have more fun playing the game.

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